A former documentary director, Samina started her writing career in theatre and radio. In 2007 she was selected for the BBC Writers’ Academy and since then she has written for EASTENDERS, HOLBY CITY and DOCTORS as well as continuing to develop her own original work. She has worked on TV drama developments with Century Films, Hartswood Films, and Scott Free UK and her TV screenplay THE ROAD TO MECCA was commissioned by BBC1. Samina’s first feature film MY MOTHER THE BOLLYWOOD QUEEN is in development with Emerald Productions, Australia.

Her original plays on Radio 4 have received strong reviews: 

“Unbearably touching… any actor could sound terrific with writing this insightful, humorous and just generally all-round good.”   (Migrant Memory, Chris Campling, The Times)

Gillian Reynolds of The Telegraph described Samina’s recent play Karma as "a powerful play, while William Gallagher of The Radio Times described it as:

 "A play that steadily and quietly builds into an engrossing and upsetting exploration of the relative worth of girls and boys in India...The company of good people inexorably, inevitably believing bad things is what makes this an absorbing listen."