Robyn began her career writing educational theatre for schools, working with various organisations such as: WHO (World Health Organisation)and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) on numerous awareness campaigns.  In 1992 she wrote the first educational play on AIDS in Southern Africa that toured for six years throughout the region. 

 For television she has written on numerous live action drama, pre-school and animation programmes for: BBC, Channel 4, The Jim Henson Company, Channel 5, Initial Kids (Endemol), Carlton TV, Gullane&Hit Entertainment,Granada,SABC, Urban Brew/Disney / M-Net

 Her credits include: a BAFTA winning Children’s Drama series for CBBC; creating and writing one of the first original 52 episode pre-school series for the launch of the digital channel CBeebies,Creative Consultancy for Mattel Toys and Lego, a Master’s Degree in Playwriting

Currently in Development -

Robyn is currently working on a screenplay adaptation of the memoirs, “Let IT Go”, by Dame Stephanie Shirley.