Bruno worked variously in teaching, casting, industrial film-making and post-production before deciding to try to turn his hobby, writing, into a career. The result was The Lost Kings, a novel inspired by Bruno’s love for old fashioned adventure yarns and the twisted tales of Roald Dahl’s books for adults. Set in England, Pakistan, India and Norway, The Lost Kings secured him a literary agent and a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster.

Spending an increasing amount of time in Scandinavia, and growing fascinated by its wartime history, Bruno returned to Norway for his second novel, The Wreck – a book that combines modern-day crime thriller and high-stakes political conspiracy with in-depth psychological character study and intense war drama.


Bruno is currently at work on further novels and has also written a number of screenplays, both adaptations of his own work and original material, which are currently at one stage or another of development. He is married with two sons and splits his time between London and Oslo.