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The Artists Partnership, a marcus evans entertainment company, is a leading UK acting agency that represents top British and International Talent through the world. The Artists Partnership represent actors, directors and writers in all areas of the industry including film, theatre and Television. Through our own Literary and Development Department and marcus evans entertainment, substantial backing to develop film, television and theatre projects has led to numerous high quality and critically acclaimed productions. Please read below a latest selection of marcus evans reviews from its entertainment division.


The Bletchley Circle reviews

The Bletchley Circle follows the journey of four ordinary women with extraordinary skills that helped to end World War II. When Susan discovers a hidden code behind an unsolved murder she is met by skepticism from the police. She quickly realises she can only begin to crack the murders and bring the culprit to justice with her former friends. The Bletchley Circle paints a vivid portrait of post-war Britain in this fictional tale of unsung heroes

Hopefully the gang of four female former code breakers will be back for more unlikely crime-solving adventures. Liverpool Echo

Did I mention that it's also intelligent, engrossing and quite exciting? The Stage

The idea of a group of former Bletchley Park code-breakers banding together as crime-fighters is more promising for a new crime drama than many. The Guardian

Throughout the first two episodes, barely ten minutes went by without a glorious penny-dropping moment. The Yorker