Holly  Goss
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Holly's voice is naturally clear, bright and engaging.  From Brighton she has an RP accent but is also excellent at Irish, General American, Northern English accents.
Noreen  Kershaw
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Manchester born Noreen has a brilliantly versatile, expressive voice. She is not only a talented actress, but also a successful director! Style: Versatile, Expressive, Sympathetic, Warm Native: M..
Martin McCreadie
Originally from Northampton with a good ear for accents.  Martin has a deep, cool and confident voice perfect for a commercial campaign.
Tanya  Moodie
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Tanya has a real talent with accents ranging from Canadian, Jamaican, Australian to French.  She has a smooth and velvety voice with real character and an assured tone.
Ukweli Roach
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If you need to bring a cool and confident edge to your brand, look no further than Ukweli. Known for a number of series regular roles both here and in the US.
Luke Roskell
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Originally from Prescott, Luke has a wonderful earthy Northern tone to his voice. His cheery style is perfect for any campaign, but he can also bring a serious note to gritty documentaries when needed
Martin  Shaw
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Originally from Birmingham, Martin has a relaxed and sophisticated voice. Known for his roles in GEORGE GENTLY and JUDGE JOHN DEED. Style: Relaxed, Sophisticated, Deep   Native: Bi..
Catrin  Stewart
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Originally from Cardiff, Catrin has a light, bright and engaging voice. Catrin is best know for her roles in DR WHO and STELLA.  Fantastic at accents including US, cockney and RP and she speaks f..